iPhone 7 Swarovski Style Brilliance (4.7″) – 24k Gold, Rose Gold & Platinum Range

Goldgenie Goldgenie pioneered the art of iPhone Gold-plating back in 2007 and their team of craftsmen are renowned for their meticulous attention to detail.
Goldgenie’s iPhone 7 Swarovski Style Brilliance Collection comprises of the highly anticipated iPhone 6 expertly finished in a lustrous coat of 24ct. Gold, Rose Gold or Platinum, with a dazzling Swarovski crystal logo on the back.

Full of technological advancements, including faster processing speeds, longer battery life, improved camera and a 4k video shooting capacity, Apple’s new release has made a great leap forward from its predecessors. Thinner and glossier than ever, not only is the iPhone 7 beautiful to look at, it is sure to capture your world, your thoughts and your plans more beautifully and seamlessly than ever. And Goldgenie feel most people would agree that these are worth preserving in Gold.

Embedded with 800 VS1 brilliant cut diamonds, the iPhone 7 Diamond is perfect for those who like luxury with a glamorous edge. The black shine of the phone itself and lines across the lustrous surface at the back accentuate the sparkling light of the gemstones set within the edges and Apple logo.

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